Choosing a Diamond

At Dudley & Joseph, we know that purchasing an engagement ring is an important process that includes both you and your fiancée. If you are interested in commissioning a ring for your surprise proposal but are worried that your fiancée may not be completely happy with the design, then may we suggest you consider proposing with a loose diamond, which will be presented in an elegant black case with a glass front to which the diamond can be viewed through.

Proposing with a diamond involves your fiancée in the commission process after she has accepted your proposal. This is a popular option as it keeps the element of surprise but allows you and your fiancée to be involved in the design of your engagement ring.

All diamonds used by Dudley & Joseph have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with UN resolutions. Our diamond sources guarantee that all diamonds supplied are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.

How to Buy a Diamond

A good understanding of diamonds is necessary before you begin shopping. We’ve put the basics together here to help guide you. Learning about diamonds is really learning about the Four ‘C’s of diamonds – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight. These are the criteria jewellers use when grading diamonds, and they’re the ones you’ll need to understand to find the right diamond for you.

Further information can be found at the GIA website.

diamond cut


Cut is probably the most important, and most challenging, of the four ‘C’s to understand. The brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on its cut. Dudley & Joseph carries only the better grades of diamond cut, to ensure that your jewellery is as beautiful as possible. This guide will show you how to select a diamond with the best cut that your budget allows.

diamond cut


Most diamonds contain some inner flaws, or inclusions, that occur during the formation process. The visibility, number and size of these inclusions determine what is called the clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are clear create more brilliance, and thus are more highly prized, and priced. This guide shows you how to find the best grade of clarity for you.

diamond clarity


Colourless diamonds are the most desirable since they allow the most refraction of light (sparkle). Off white diamonds absorb light, inhibiting brilliance. To ensure that your Dudley & Joseph jewellery is of the highest quality, we’ve pre-selected our diamonds to eliminate those of lesser colour grades. Read on to understand how colour affects a diamond and how to choose the best grade for your budget.

diamond colour


Carat Weight

A carat is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured. Because large diamonds are found less commonly than small diamonds, the price of a diamond rises per carat the bigger you go. Read this guide to get a better understanding of what a carat is and how it affects the appearance of a diamond.

diamond's carat weight



The diamond certificate, which is sometimes called a grading report, is a complete evaluation of your diamond that has been performed by a qualified professional with the help of special gemmological instruments. Each stone bears its own recognizable, individual characteristics, which is listed on the certificate. This guide will help you understand why a certificate is so important when buying a diamond.